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26th April 2019

Hundreds sign petition urging council to halt closure of dementia care centre

    Campaigners at the Netherwood Day Centre

    Published: 19 January, 2017

    MORE than 600 people have signed a petition against the closure of a dementia centre. 

    The online petition was set up by family carer Jane Clinton last week after the council announced it intended to close Netherwood Day Centre, in Kilburn. 

    The Town Hall wants to move all day care services in Camden into a single centre, in a newly-renovated Kingsgate Resource Centre, in West Hampstead. 

    The petition says: “If Camden Council closes this centre [Netherwood] and sells off the land, as is the general feeling, then it will be lost forever. 

    “The council will never be able to afford such a site again.”

    The building was specially designed for people with dementia, levels of which are rising in Camden and nationally.

    Ms Clinton said: “Not only is it important that there is excellent care 

    for the person with dementia, it is also crucial that family carers are given time to themselves to recharge from what can often be a hugely challenging and exhausting situation.”

    She added: “If we are to have a truly dementia-friendly society then places like Netherwood should never be threatened with closure but should be protected in perpetuity.”

    The council has launched a consultation in which it says its “preferred option” is to move all day services out of Charlie Ratchford Services, in Chalk Farm, Raglan dementia centre, in Kentish Town, and Netherwood. 

    Adult social care chief Councillor Georgia Gould said: “Netherwood is not being closed. Its services are being moved to a nearby centre, which will protect it for the long-term.

    “At the same time we will be investing in Camden as a dementia-friendly borough so our residents are able to play a full and active part in their communities.”



    Closing, but not closing!

    'Adult social care chief Councillor Georgia Gould said: “Netherwood is not being closed.'
    If its not being closed, then don't close it! Or is this some new discovery where a facility can be closed, without being closed?

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