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22nd February 2017

Neighbourhood Forum joins the battle to block 25-storey tower

    Published: 10 November, 2016

    THE judiciary is getting more and more sucked into the row over the proposed 25-storey tower proposed for Somers Town by the council.

    Last week I wrote about a legal challenge laid down by 90-year-old Alan Spence whose solicitors – Richard Buxton of Cambridge –  sent a letter to Camden’s legal department setting out the grounds for a judicial review.

    Their deadline for a response fell last night (Wednesday).

    Mr Spence’s arguments centred on the failure of the council to provide any health facilities in the massive new development – especially as there is only one family practitioner in the heart of Somers Town.

    The lawyers thought this was a considerable argument. 

    Now, the Neighbourhood Forum for Somers Town has joined the battle, sending a letter seeking a judicial review on the grounds, mainly, of the loss of open space.

    The council contends that in order to rebuild Edith Neville Primary School it has no choice than to build the tower and sell its luxury flats – profits would also pay for the erection of several smaller blocks in the area.

    But the Forum’s chairwoman, Slaney Devlin, doesn’t agree.  

    “The policy goes against the Neighbourhood Plan and would mean the abandonment of so much needed open space,” she said.

    “As for the proposed block it really will become an investment bank for overseas investors – and I don’t think the end justifies the means.”

    Both Mr Spence and the Neighbourhood Forum will be appealing to crowd­funding agencies to cover their legal costs.


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