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27th February 2017

If you object to the loss of the petrol station in Chalk Farm Road…

    Published: 5 January, 2017

    • IN response to Peter Lyons’s letter (Supermarket must do the right thing with its housing scheme, December 29) in which he – correctly in my view – opposes the loss of Morrisons’ petrol station on Chalk Farm Road, this issue must be pursued within the planning application process for the development. 

    I encourage local residents and businesses formally to object to the proposed loss of the petrol station… in writing to Camden Council at the appropriate time, that is, during the period of public consultation on the developer’s planning application. 

    Letters should include objections to the proposed change of use on the petrol station site. 

    And reference should be made to the “Town and Country Planning Use Classes Order”, which sets out different “uses” with legal definitions (see website). 

    Planning permission is required for most changes of use and the council has the option to refuse planning permission, for which it must give sound reasons for refusal. 

    In this case these might include: 

    1) There are no other similar large forecourt facilities within several miles of the Chalk Farm site; and 

    2) Increased air pollution due to additional vehicle miles required to access alternative facilities; and 

    3) Increased traffic congestion as vehicles travel to alternative facilities and queue on-street at smaller forecourts.

    All of these points are relevant to the proper consideration by the council of the planning application for change of use at Chalk Farm Road. 

    Objections will be counted. 

    Fleet Road, NW3



    Is there to be a petrol station or not?

    I'm not clear about this. The planning application (2016/6418/P) mentions the inclusion of a petrol Station. Is there one or not?
    Terry King 9/1/17

    Re plans to close Morriisons Petrol Station Chalk Farm Road

    Agreed. How, when and where can we send objections to this plan?
    Terry King (9/1/17)

    RE: Morrisons Chalk Farm Petrol Station Closing Down

    Thanks for bringing this to peoples attention. I thought the plans were to include a relocated petrol station forecourt, I didn't know they wanted to remove it completely.

    There used to be an Esso petrol station on Chalk Farm Road but that was built on only a few years ago. I bet it lost a lot of business when the Morrisons petrol station opened (with its low fuel prices) which could be the reason it closed down.

    If the Morrisons petrol station closes, it's a long way to the next one. The Pace branded petrol station on Highgate Road, by Gordon House Road no longer sells fuel (was always very expensive anyway).

    BP on Haverstock Hill in Belsize Park is consistently one of the most expensive petrol stations in London (and I bet it's only a matter of time before that's built on).

    There's the BP in Swiss Cottage on Finchley Road that's hard to get to at the best of times, made even harder since the council changed College Crescent to one-way.

    There used to be a BP on Hampstead Road, near Mornington Crescent and Euston, plus another by the new Kings Cross development, but they both closed, along with the BP in Childs Hill and the Esso on Finchley Road.

    I guess there's the Esso on Camden Road, the Texaco on Caledonian Road or the BP in St Johns Wood but they're all a fair distance away.

    Removing the Morrisons Chalk Farm petrol station will cause more pollution and traffic congestion as motorists will be forced to travel many miles further to refuel. The council must not let this happen.

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