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26th April 2019

Search for kitten missing from Hampstead Heath fairground site

    Have you seen Lunar?

    Published: 26 January, 2017

    A CARAVAN kitten has vanished from his home on Hampstead Heath, leaving his owner distraught.

    Four-month-old Lunar was last seen by owner, Jemima Marriott, as she left her home in the fairground site in the Vale of Health. The fashion photographer was going to a fancy-dress party in a black and white cat costume on January 14, but when she came back he was gone.

    “I went to the party that night dressed up as a black and white cat channelling Lunar,” said Ms Marriott. “I returned at 2am and there was no sign of him.”

    Ms Marriott, whose great aunt was a Welsh Romany Gypsy, said she had wanted a cat because “living on the edge of the forest” would be a “perfect life for a cat”. 

    She said: “I eventually let him out and he loved exploring the site and the other caravans.”

    Ms Marriott moved into the caravan a year ago. She added: “Life up here is basic, I fetch my water from a tap, boil the kettle to wash up, have a toilet that I have to empty weekly – we have basic facilities here, I swim at the Ladies’ Pond all year.”

    Have you seen Lunar? Contact Ms Marriott on 07852 913395.




    Thinking of you and hope he turns up soon. xxxx

    Thank you!!!

    Thanks so much Tom @CNJ! xx

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