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26th April 2019

Stop teasing Lucie! Schoolgirl says she is determined to chop hair to make wig for cancer charity

    Ten-year-old St Aloysius pupil Lucie McNicholas prepares for her big cut, along with mum Catherine 

    Published: 26 January, 2017

    A TEN-year-old girl says she is ready to prove her classmates wrong by allowing a hairdresser loose on her long locks so she can to donate her hair to a children’s cancer charity.

    Lucie McNicholas was upset to find fellow pupils at St Aloysius in Somers Town making jokes about her plans and was wavering over whether to go through with the cut.

    But she told the New Journal last night (Wednesday) she was now determined than ever to help after a pep talk from her mother, Catherine, who will also now be facing the scissors at a salon in the West End on Saturday.

    “I want to prove to everybody I can do it,” said Lucie.

    She came up with the idea of cutting off 10 inches of her hair in order to help a child with cancer. The Little Princess Trust charity will take the hair and weave it into a wig for a young patient.

    Catherine said: “She’s worried the other children will make fun of her, and that’s so sad because she has such a big heart and what she is doing is so selfless.

    “We’re so proud of her, so I said I’d have a cut, too. I’ll have a bob. Her dad will have a cut, too – but there’s less to cut off of his.”

    She added: “It started when I said to Lucie that she needed a good haircut – and it’s turned out that a good haircut is this. She has hair right down at her back, so it’s a big step for her, but she wants to help. You know how kids can be – when she told some of the children at school what she was going to do, they started being mean about it. She’s not very confident when it comes to certain things. I’m trying to show her to be confident in different ways.”

    The Little Princess Trust is a children’s cancer charity that supplies free real-hair wigs to children suffering hair loss as a result of the disease. The McNicholas family, who live in Regent’s Park, started a fundraising campaign in December to cover the costs of making a wig from the hair so another child can have it. The initial target was £400, but a Just Giving sponsorship page has now raised over £560 from nearly 50 supporters. 

    “When I read all the comments, I started to feel more confident every day,” said Lucie. 

    She said that she was also inspired by videos of haircuts she had seen on the charity’s website and began growing her hair so she could give it away after hearing about her brother’s classmate doing something similar.

    “I thought, maybe one day when my hair gets long enough, I’ll do that,” said Lucie.

    Her mum added: “I think when she gets to school on Monday morning, there will be a more positive reaction and I think the teachers will be supportive. I hope it encourages other children to do the same thing, to show them that they can do this too when they have their haircut.”



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