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25th March 2019

Why not make all employers pay a Living Wage to everyone who works for them?

    Published: 26 January, 2017

    • SURELY even Tories supporting this lousy government must be horrified to read about an American company being paid by us to rule whether people are fit for work or not (Jobcentre man dies in the street, January 19). 

    Especially when they are so incompetent as to certify that the unfortunate Lawrence Bond was “fit for work”, in their second assessment under the disgusting penny-pinching process which this government has pursued to its logical end: the death of someone obviously needing help.

    The fact that Mr Bond had worked and contributed for almost 40 years of his life, until losing his job two years ago, confirms how appalling the government’s policies are.

    I wonder when we will read of a banker being prosecuted for the disaster they caused which the Tories use to justify these disgusting policies?

    A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions claimed such decisions are made “following a thorough assessment” so I trust that Maximus, the firm concerned, will now be investigated more thoroughly. If those assessed disagree, this same spokesman said, “they can appeal”,which is just what Mr Bond had done last year and why he was reassessed in July when the Jobcentre wanted to cut his benefit.

    I am sick of seeing our country fed to the global dogs, bit by bit, so that we now own and control almost nothing, not even the land we live on or the lives of our own people. But even Ukip doesn’t say a word about that, they are happy to attack hard-working immigrants instead.

    Wake up Britain, next they’ll be coming for you. Theresa May and chancellor Philip Hammond won’t change a single thing as the Tory Brexit “plan” is to cut corporation tax and let the rich keep even more of our money, so making more cuts inevitable. 

    Instead of hounding people like Mr Bond, why don’t they hound lousy employers and enforce minimum wage laws, which hundreds of companies happily flout? 

    Or, better yet, why not make all employers pay a proper Living Wage to all the people who work for them?

    Eton Avenue, NW3


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