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25th March 2017

Developers down your way in Tin Pan Alley

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    Tin Pan Alley

    Tin Pan Alley

    Published: 7 January, 2016

    • THANK goodness for a ray of good news. 

    Consolidated Developments are currently bringing their breathtaking new vision to London’s Denmark Street (Tin Pan Alley) our most famous music street. Very cleverly they are slowly replacing the long established music shops, guitar repairers, music businesses and history and heritage with luxury flats and hotel. 

    Something in very short supply in London as I’m sure you’ll agree. 

    I believe they have offered Camden planning department three magic beans in exchange which they have accepted.

    It’s good to know that London is safe in their hands. Thank goodness for our wonderful property developers.

    Agamemnon Road, NW6


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