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24th April 2017

LETTERS: Whittington Hospital Chairman should resign

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    Published: 17 April, 2014

    • THE senior leadership of the Whittington hospital are leaving in droves.

    The recent top brass to go are Dr Yi Mien Koh, the chief executive, and now Dr Martin Kuper, the medical director. Most of the top managers have left since the appointment of the chair of the board Steve Hitchins.

    This is the man who caused a lot of anxiety by proclaiming that our hospital could not be a district hospital when, in fact, by some definitions it is just that – a local hospital with acute services like A & E, intensive care, maternity, paediatrics and other in- and out-patient services.

    These are vital to the Whittington community and we cannot have these services cut any further, or insinuations from Mr Hitchins that they have gone. Mr Hitchins also publicly described the leadership at the hospital as weak.

    Losing Dr Kuper is a serious loss. As well as serving on the board, standing up against the closure of the A & E in 2010, he is a respected and committed consultant, excellent anaesthetist and was beginning to work with us constructively on the latest plans for our hospital.

    Mr Hitchins should consider the current management turmoil in our hospital. Did he have a role to play in it? He should resign so that we can have a trustworthy leadership team that can work effectively under the new interim CEO and under the attacks, in terms of privatisation and cuts, that this government is carrying out on our NHS.

    Chair, Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition


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