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24th May 2017

Fruit & veg to be missed

    Published: 16 May, 2013

    • FOR many years, we had an excellent Camden fruit and vegetable market in Inverness  Street.

    Over the years, pitches have been taken over by more and more stalls selling tourist items.

    By the end of last year, there was just one large family group running two stalls, with no separate fruit stall left.

    Today when I went to Inverness Street, I was surprised and disappointed to see a large empty space. On a tip-off, I went on to Carol Street, but discovered there only a wholesale operation.  

    Camden fruit and veg market was a source of excellent value products, ingredients for a healthy diet at reasonable prices and patronised by a very diverse group of residents.

    It is true prices have risen recently but, as with supermarkets, this is a factor outside the stallholders’ control.  

    I remember asking Camden officers a few years ago why fruit and veg stalls paid higher rents than other stalls, and I was told that there was more cleaning up. Does this take into account the rubbish generated by all the tourists who frequent Camden Market?

    I hope that the market stalls have not been driven out by ever-increasing rents.

    We seem to have lost a valuable feature of Camden Town. I will have to see if Queen’s Crescent market offers the same variety as Inverness Street did.



    Fruit and Veg

    So have they definitely packed up and stopped trading there? Is it possible that they will come back? This is a great loss for Camden. I have been buying my fruit and veg there every weekend for a couple of years now and will miss them very much! The stuff from the supermarket has no real flavour and is always pumped full of preservatives.

    Inverness Street

    I would like to thank Deirdre Krymer for her letter about the sad loss of the vegetable stalls on Inverness Street on a Saturday. My family bought all their vegetables there every weekend. It feels as though a bit of the real Camden has died.
    We welcome the tourists but the community that attracts them seems to be disappearing as chain stores and supermarkets tighten their grip on the local economy.
    The stall holders were always kind and helpful and they, and their produce, will be much missed.

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