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10th December 2018

Go by canal and barge

    Published: 31 January, 2013

    • CAMDEN Cycling Campaign supports the move towards canal freight, particularly at King’s Cross Central, as proposed by Ian Shacklock, chair of Friends of Regent’s Canal (On the water, January 17).

    Together with other groups in London Cycling Campaign, we are participating in two main campaigns: Love London, Go Dutch – to make our streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in the Netherlands; and Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling – calling on councils to ensure the lorries on our streets are equipped and their drivers trained to the highest standards.  

    The transfer of haulage from lorries to barges would be an excellent step towards supporting both campaigns.

    The Regent’s Canal, which crosses Camden, provides an opportunity to move freight by water, so reducing the number of lorries on the roads shared by cyclists.

    A good starting point is to use barges instead of lorries to move building materials and waste soil on and off the King’s Cross Railway Lands – (1,163 journeys by 18.5-tonne lorries, New Journal, January 10).

    Our canals were originally built to carry goods and they are beginning to return as a basis for a more sustainable mode of transport which is quieter and causes less air pollution and would reduce the number of lorries on the roads.

    And finally we note that since canals are utilised everywhere in the Netherlands this may be another aspect of Going Dutch!

    Joint Co-ordinator, Camden Cycling Campaign


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