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10th December 2018

Letters: Safer routes

    Published: 15 August, 2013

    • YOUR recent reports on cycling fatalities underline once again the importance of providing safer routes for the growing numbers of cyclists on our roads.

    Transport for London’s cycle census shows that the number of cyclists entering central London has grown 210 per cent since 2001 as more and more people use this fast, cheap, and healthy transport mode.

    Camden has London’s busiest route on Theobald’s Road, where 64 per cent of vehicles in the morning rush hour are bikes.

    As well as reducing road speeds and tackling the dangers posed by HGVs we also need more segregated routes where cyclists and the rest of the traffic are kept apart.

    Camden’s brand new segregated lanes on both sides of Royal College Street show one way this can be done. These lanes have been built using a new “light” segregation method where the cycle lanes are demarcated with planters and lane separators, “armadillos”.

    This is the first time this method has been used in the UK and the fact it is quicker and cheaper to instal means there is a lot of interest in Camden’s innovative approach.

    The council is also now closely involved in planning a new “grid” of cycle routes across inner London, which will involve “quietways” and cycle “superhighways” to form a new network to cater for different levels of cycling experience.

    Given our local problems of poor air quality from traffic fumes and road congestion, everyone will benefit from these efforts to make cycling a more attractive way to get around.

    Cabinet Member for Sustainability


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