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24th May 2017

Historic society in search of a photographic memory or two

    Published: 17th March, 2011

    • YOUR article about the photographic history of Primrose Hill, was very interesting (Nostalgic peek at a world long gone, March 3). 

    I believe the photographer referred to was a Donald Harpman, not Hartman. 

    Donald was a member of the Hampstead Photographic Society when I first joined back in the 1980s, so we are in touch with the Primrose Hill Conservation Area Advisory Committee, who compiled the history, to see if we can find out more about his archive.

    Next year the society celebrates its 75th anniversary and we are busily researching the society’s history, so if any of your readers were members or have had any connection with HPS and its forerunners, please can I ask them to contact me, preferably at, or on 020 7722 2907.

    We are particularly interested in the society’s early years, as much of our own documentation was mislaid back in the 1980s. We would love to find out the people who helped create the society back in the pre-war period, plus any information about what happened to it during the war and when it became active again after the war.

    We know that the society was called the Hampstead and North West London Camera Club before the 1960s and that members used to enter a regular competition called the North London Exhibition in the 1950s and 1960s.We would be delighted to hear from you.
    David Reed
    Chairman Hampstead Photographic Society


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