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10th December 2018

Never mind scaremongers – you’re safe on the canal

    • I WOULD take issue with the scaremongering of the people you interviewed in your article about the muggings on the canal (Canal towpath attacks warning, January 7).
    I have lived on a boat in Camden, moored on the towpath, for eight years and not once have I felt threatened.
    My wife, coming in at a  huge 4 ft 113/4 inches, has also had no problems.
    None of the people spoken to lives here so their views are supposition.
    Mr Bremner was the man who wanted stop lights put on the towpath with the odd logic they would attract more people to the towpath and thus put them in danger.
    The complete opposite has been the case.
    More people are safely walking the canal day and night than ever before.
    If you want canal reality please ask those that live and work here not the out-of-touch user groups or so-called experts.
    Warden Camden visitor moorings,
    Canal Keeper Camden stretch


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