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25th March 2017

Art with a green hue

    Published: 26 February 2010

    • THANK-YOU for Peter Gruner’s report on my Hugging Trees exhibition at Islington Museum, under Finsbury Library, until March 20 (Great art grows on trees, February 19). Unfortunately, he missed out the main theme of the show, which is a concern for climate change and the importance of all the things in the natural world: water, mountains, birds, insects and man as well as trees, which have been the starting point of my work as an artist for more than 40 years.
    The works are not trying to be painted photographs, since the camera took over the need for that about 150 years ago.
    Many local people, as Friends of the Museum, campaigned for it to be created next to the town hall, which is much more central. However, the council chose not to do that. As well as framing and other expenses, I have to pay rent for the room. Other local authorities, for example Richmond, do not charge rent for their galleries but take a commission on sales. I would be happy to recoup my outlay.
    Your report concentrated too much on my role concerning the development of the underground theatre at Islington Green. The hold-up to further developments at the Collins Theatre new town space is the subject of litigation.
    In the meantime, please enjoy a fascinating art show.


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