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26th April 2019

Kipper’s nose for caricature

    Kipper Williams, left, and event organiser Jonathan Marsh

    Kipper Williams, left, and event organiser Jonathan Marsh

    Published: 8 December, 2016

    THE cartoonist Kipper Williams let his audience in on some of the secrets of his trade.

    Kipper, it seems, often starts with the nose when he is drawing a face, though with Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, he started – naturally, I suppose – with the hair.

    I had dropped into Kentish Town library on Saturday when Kipper, who lives in Hampstead, was giving a talk and tips on his art.

    Modesty perhaps, makes it difficult for Kipper to see himself as an artist, though others would disagree.

    He started life in the Wirral, his father a local government officer, and studied Fine Art at Leeds University in the 1970s.

    He is in demand by many publications and has produced many books of his published cartoons – this Christmas his latest funny book is being printed in 12 cities in the UK with the name of the city on the front cover.

    Among his drawings at the library were those of Mick Jagger, Nelson Mandela and himself as well as that of Jonathan Marsh who organised the event. 

    • Above: A cartoon from Kipper’s latest collection – All In Tents And Porpoises: The Best of Kipper Williams, from Amberley Publishing, £9.99


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