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27th February 2017

Counting the cost of 2016’s junk mail

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    Published: 5 January, 2017

    • FOR the fourth and last time, here is an analysis of all junk mail hand-delivered through my door in Kentish Town during 2016.

    As usual I am not including mass mailings brought by the postman.

    I’m very pleased to report, for the second year in a row, that although the number of items is up from 311 in 2015 to 324 last year the total weight of junk paper deliveries is down from 5.43 kilos to 4.9 kilos – but if that happens at every household in the borough that still means nearly 500 tonnes of rubbish a year.

    Takeaway food businesses top the list again, weighing in at 850 grams but with only 79 leaflets – down almost 50 per cent from 2014; pizzas 28, Chinese and Asian 22 and Indian 11. 

    Home improvements/ services are up from 54 to 60, minicabs up from 22 to 37, political parties up from 23 to 29, thanks to the referendum. 

    Estate agents’ bumf is down from 36 to 29, but stills weighs 650g over the year.

    I leave you with the top 10 categories for 2016, and a vow to stop collecting bum-fodder. 

    But I hope this exercise over the last four years draws attention to unnecessary waste paper. 

    Yes, I take the point that door-deliveries draw attention to some local firms and services, but most of this paper is distributed by national and international companies, on an industrial scale. 

    No more junk mail, please!

    The 2016 count:
    1 takeaway food 79
    2 household services 60
    3 shops/shopping 39
    4 minicabs/taxis 37
    5= politics 29
    5= estate agents 29
    7 health and fitness 22
    8= community services 13
    8= religion/charity 13
    10 hair and beauty 7

    Healey Street, NW1


    Junk Mail Statistics

    These junk mail statistics are actually very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to share your findings.

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