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27th February 2017

Some are ignorant of the struggle for tolerance

    Published: 5 January, 2017

    • HAVING lived in England since 1948 I appreciate the liberties enjoyed by Britons.

    Having served nine years in the RAF during the time when National Service was in operation I met people from all areas of the islands and was never discriminated against for my then Irish nationality.

    Serving 30 months in the Middle East (Suez Canal zone and six months in Iraq) there was no discrimination there against citizens. 

    Now I note that many senior politicians in the Tory party think Britain made a mistake in leaving that area.

    People from the Caribbean countries were recruited for jobs here as there was a shortage of workers particularly in transport and the hospitals. There was prejudice initially for some years when they came.

    One of the attractions drawing people to this state is the tolerance of others and our civil liberties which citizens here enjoy.

    Visiting over the recent holiday I became aware that among the young, well-educated, there is a fear of expressing what they consider as politically incorrect opinions. 

    As an example I suggested the wearing of face covering was anti-social and so was imposed by “ethnic” males on their women folk as a way of controlling them.

    The younger generation were horrified to hear that opinion. 

    I told them they were the victims of control themselves. Brain-washed!

    Consider the adage “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” 

    Or even “I dislike your opinions but I will fight to the death for your right to express them.” 

    Intolerance in places like Saudi Arabia is such that death by stoning or being beheaded is the norm.

    In this area of Camden borough, we live alongside Muslims, Jews, various and opposing sects of Christians (so-called) peacefully. Apart from extremists people get on – as we must.

    I find it astonishing that a person can spend three years at university yet emerge ignorant of the struggle for tolerance.

    Prince of Wales Road, NW5


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