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27th February 2017

Time to step up to the plate on HS2, Lord Adonis

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    Lord Adonis

    Published: 5 January, 2017

    An Open letter to Lord Adonis

    • ALONG with hundreds of others, having spent the better part of five years attempting to stop the monster you unwittingly created from landing up on our shores, the ball is now firmly in your court.

    On Monday January 9 the House of Lords will be debating amendments to the High Speed (London-West Midlands) Bill prior to its passage to the House of Commons in April, where it will be seeking Royal Assent.

    In June last year you freely admitted (The Guardian June 4, 2016) that Euston was the poison at the heart of HS2, and that you bitterly regretted not stopping it before you left office. 

    Not half as much as those of us who are going to have to live with the consequence of that inaction, especially as we still do not have a workable solution for Euston.

    When ennobled, you chose to be known as Baron Adonis of Camden Town in the London Borough of Camden, presumably in recognition of the fact that, as a child, Camden had taken you under their wing, nurtured you, eventually enabling you to attend university. 

    The time has now come for you to show your gratitude.

    Although there is now faint hope of killing off the bill, on Monday you will have the opportunity to persuade your fellow peers that Euston is unsuitable as the monster’s London lair, and that, consequently, a temporary resting place should be made available to it among the wastelands of Old Oak Common.



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