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26th April 2019

Move with the times and scrap HS2

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    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • IT is time the whole farce of HS2 is dropped before Camden is dug up and ruined for the sake of a faster ride to Birmingham. 

    By the time all the hedgehogs have migrated from Regent’s Park, the children of Somers Town have ingested virulent respiratory diseases from the highest levels of PCBs in Europe, the flats of Silverdale levelled, Victorian sewers dug up in Parkway, and the woods of Warwickshire torn down, the railway companies of HS1 will have quietly changed their rolling stock to fast German trains without telling anyone in order to comply with EU regulations.

    The brilliant engineering company Siemens will have by then introduced in cab computer control for all trains, which will shorten travel times and safe braking distances by 40 per cent. With these modern controls journey time to Birmingham will be cut by 20 minutes without building any new platforms or tracks at all. 

    Commuters lives will be vastly improved because our antiquated signal systems will be a thing of the past. Some politicians will be surprised to know the signalling between Chester and Rhyl, on the route to Holyhead, still uses a semaphore system pulled by iron rods from signal boxes first used in 1840. Foreign visitors come to this country to see what railways were like years ago.



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