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17th July 2018

Claims of the benefits of this community centre plan are far-fetched

    Published: 12 January, 2016

    • INSTEAD of quoting Oliver Lewis’s far-fetched claims of the benefits to the community of the Town Hall’s proposals for Highgate Newtown Community Centre, (Centre vision: calls for rethink, Property News, January 5) the New Journal could have told its readers that Oliver Lewis – the ward councillor who most vociferously promotes this scheme – is also a member of the very same board of trustees that is cited in the story as supporting the redevelopment.  

    Conflict of interest? 

    The community certainly feel that, in this case, Cllr Lewis’s role and comments deserve further scrutiny. 

    Highgate Newtown Community Centre board members have resigned over this development issue in recent months, the community is united around HNCC with a unanimous voice opposing the scheme, Camden’s own planning rules have been broken in the way the submission was made, the design review panel was convened only after the scheme was formally submitted, their strong negative comments and recommendations have been ignored, the certificate B declarations on the property owners of the site were served with one day notice and not the statutory 21 days, the design plans show bedrooms without windows and many basic failings of good or even acceptable design, the child yield for the scheme is ignored as is the legal requirement to provide outdoor play areas for the new residents’ children, the height and mass of the proposed private housing exceeds by far local, London, and national planning policies, the list of inadequacies and contraventions is endless.

    But for the New Journal they are too much,  it seems, to bother with reporting or even looking into. 


    Friends of HNCC


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