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24th March 2019

Healthwatch findings may be helpful if you are looking for residential care

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • RECENTLY I helped Healthwatch Camden find out about residential care for older people. 

    A team of volunteers visited all of the seven care homes in the borough. I was able to talk to residents, visitors and staff. We wanted to find out more about the things that you can’t learn from the council website or from the Care Quality Commission reports. So we asked about things like whether residents can pursue their hobbies and about how much residents and family members can have a say in how the home is run. The reports of our visits are now on the Healthwatch Camden website ( 

    If any readers are looking for a care home for themselves or for a friend or relative we hope our findings will prove helpful.

    PATRICIA, Hampstead
    Full details supplied



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