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19th May 2019

Teenager guilty of rape and attempted murder of schoolgirl in Hampstead Cemetery

    Hughes stabbed the girl in the neck in a quiet corner of the graveyard 

    Published: 12 January, 2017

    A TEENAGER has been found guilty of raping a schoolgirl in Hampstead Cemetery before trying to kill her so she could not report him to police. 

    Miles Hughes, 18, who lived in West Hampstead, forced himself on the 15-year-old girl before stabbing her repeatedly in the neck with a Stanley knife on July 9 last year. 

    Hughes, who was 17 at the time, denied charges of rape and attempted murder, but told the Old Bailey that he stabbed the girl in a row after they had consensual sex in a quiet corner of the graveyard. 

    A jury today [Thursday] dismissed his claim and returned a verdict of guilty on both counts. 

    The court heard his victim had agreed to meet at the cemetery in Fortune Green Road in July last year, where, after first listening to music and talking, the pair both began to self-harm. 

    Prosecutor Jane Osborne told the court: “They each began to cut their own arms, fairly shallowly and superficially. The defendant then moved to [her] left arm and started to carve the letters of his name into her left bicep.”

    Ms Osborne said that Mr Hughes then demanded the girl have sex with him, adding: “When [she] resisted the defendant's advances towards her, he forced himself on her, raping her. After this, the prosecution say most likely because he thought she might go to the police, he stabbed her multiple times in the neck and chest. It was more by luck than any kind of judgement that Miles Hughes didn't kill [her].”

    The girl, who was cross examined in court, said: “He said 'you are going to call the police. I can't let you go.' He said 'there are voices in my head telling me to kill you'. Then he stabbed me in the neck.”

    He fled the scene when a neighbour heard the girl's screams and yelled for him to “get off her”. 

    The jury heard that Hughes fled towards Hampstead tube station, where he bumped into a friend and admitted that he had "done something really bad."

    Ms Osborne said he told the friend "that he was scared that he would do it again, but he was happy that he had done it and that he enjoyed the sight of [the girl] begging on her knees". 

    Hughes was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on February 24. 


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