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10th December 2018

GULLIVER: You’ll be driven to abstraction by Blane exhibition in Hampstead

    Right: Flautist Margaret Campbell; and, left: Frances Aviva Blane self-portrait

    Published: 13 March, 2014

    YOU have got to have a large open space to display the magnificent abstract paintings by the renowned painter Frances Aviva Blane, and Hampstead School of Art, keen on a fundraising event, found one – opposite their premises in Kidderpore Avenue, Hampstead.

    It belongs to London University, at King’s College campus, and the Blane show has become part of a Blane week.

    This evening (Thursday) she will be in a Q&A session with the artist Valerie Wiffen at the School of Art. And on Saturday, Blane, who lives in Hampstead, will attend an exciting musical soiree featuring Europe’s leading flautist Margaret Campbell with pieces by Debussy and Bach.

    Paintings by Blane, exhibited in Europe more than in the UK, are on sale for up to £18,000 each.

    The Blane show is a big plus for the school and its principal Isabel Langtry, who told me she invited Blane to exhibit after a chance conversation with a tutor at the school who spoke about her.



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