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24th May 2017

Information sign has obscured a green light on the crossing – what can be done?

    Published: 5 January, 2017

    • ON Gordon House Road NW5, between Lissenden Gardens and the railway over-bridges, there is a crossing with pedestrian-controlled lights. 

    Someone, presumably from Transport for London, has placed a sign giving directions to the rail replacement bus pick-up point on Highgate Road. This sign totally obstructs the green light on the north side of the road. On inspection it seems that someone has slewed the sign round through 180 degrees, so that it indicates Agincourt Road to the east, and Highgate Road to the west: the opposite of the actuality. 

    I reported this to TfL twice, and to Camden once. I mentioned it to a member of British Transport Police, who did not think it was a matter for them. 

    Can anyone help or advise?

    Mansfield Road NW3



    The Incompetence of TFL

    Sorry, I have no idea how to get TFL to listen. I think that's an impossible task. I've contacted TFL multiple times over the years about dangerous issues that I've come across. The most recent being a set of traffic lights on Finchley Road not detecting waiting traffic on a side street at night, so stayed on red (which resulted in vehicles driving through a red light, onto the Ficnhley Road, after waiting ages and realising there's a problem with the traffic lights). Not once did TFL reply. Its absolutely pathetic.

    They'll spend millions on safety campaigns but ignore safety issues (which would cost little to rectify) brought to their attention by members of the public.

    I keep hearing TFL adverts on the radio and guess what they're for... To tell us how great they are that they're investing millions of pounds on transport. Seriously, they're paying for radio adverts to tell us that's they're spending our money on transport. Who'd have thought it!

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