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23rd April 2019

Cycling only comes into its own in sunny weather

    Published: 26 January, 2017

    • THERE is one fatal flaw in the Cycle Superhighway that is about to gridlock the area. 

    The vast majority of cyclists only come out when the sun is shining.

    While there is a core that would commute in a foot of snow, the biggest impediment to cycling as a serious alternative form of transport in London are the hills, one’s age, and the weather. Cyclists are typically 25-45 years old. While there will be the odd octogenarian who rides around these are few and far between.

    A few days ago I cycled back from town in a snow storm, a thoroughly miserable experience. The handful of cyclists that were out looked as cold as me.

    The mayor had commissioned a cycling czar at a salary of £98,000 to get everyone on their bicycles. If he can sort out the hills, make the sun shine every day, and make me 45 again, he will be worth every penny.

    If he cannot the mayor will have egg on his face. London is grinding to a halt and a key factor is taking away road space for cycle lanes that does not produce a proportionate shift from cars to cycles. 

    To invest in a form of transport that only comes into its full use when the sun is shining is plain daft.

    Conservative, Belsize ward



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