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24th May 2017

Feature: Put a spring back in your step with the Samsung Galaxy Y

    Published: 26 November, 2012

    Korean phone manufacturer, Samsung, aims to cater for a range of users, not just those wanting the biggest and fastest phones on the market. Step in the Samsung Galaxy Y.

    The wallet-friendly phone is a small but perfectly formed Android smartphone model geared specifically at young people and teenagers who are only just entering the world of mobiles. Having carefully considered their more youthful consumers’ needs, Samsung’s team came up with this entry-level handset.

    The ‘Y’ stands for ‘young’.  It’s got the classic Samsung Galaxy look, with a slick-looking shiny black plastic front. In keeping with its name, the Galaxy Y is small enough to fit into your skinny jeans or your schoolbag and, as it’s a youth phone, it’s possible to switch the colour of the back cover, depending on your mood or personality.  

    Users can enjoy up to 32GB of extra internal memory, an intuitive operating system and a processor that is designed to optimise app functionality. It’s the perfect starter smartphone and is available to purchase through Carphone Warehouse.

    This phone is a great example of Samsung’s approach to targeting specific markets within the expanding mid to low-range handset market. As you would expect, there are some minor compromises for the sake of cost. The resolution is relatively low at 320x240 pixels but the screen is fairly bright and comes equipped with a 2-megapixel camera with an automated focus.

    The handset is 10cm long and has an 832MHz processor. The processor is pretty nippy and can run several applications at once without breaking a sweat. It has 3G network capability and Wi-Fi, so you can get fast internet access wherever you are.

    Because of the phone’s small screen size the keyboard is also on the smaller side and takes some getting used to. The keys are spaced well but they’re not ideal for people with bigger hands. However, for those with smaller fingers, it’s easy to negotiate the on-screen keyboard, and the Swype mode – a faster way of typing that involves sliding your finger from letter to letter – makes it even easier and faster.  

    The software is user-friendly and comes with a nice interface. In addition to this, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all work seamlessly. It’s a pocket-sized phone that allows you to play and watch videos, take some very reasonable photographs in normal and panoramic mode and enjoy a big selection of games and other apps from the Google Play Store.

    The Galaxy Y is a safe bet for teenagers who invariably prioritise social media and app functionality over voice-activated commands or screen resolution. Parents will be pleased to know that the handset enjoys a battery life of a few days, so you’ll be able to stay in touch with your kids when they spend their weekends away from home.

    The Samsung Galaxy Y makes a great purchase for young people who are looking to get the most out of a value phone or for parents looking to buy their teenagers their first smartphone.


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