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24th May 2017

Feature: Boosting Your Business Using A Website

    Published: 16 November, 2012

    Camden has many historic landmarks and is often cited as one of London’s coolest places to live. It is an ideal place to set up your business and you can take advantage of the many street markets dotted around the area.

    Promotion and marketing of your business is the key to a its success – after all if no one knows about you, then how will you receive and make money?

    Online shopping still on the rise

    These days it is all about online promotion and this means that your business will need its very own website. Having a website is primarily about reaching a wider audience. This means that you raise interest in your products by advertising them to the millions of people who use the Internet every day.

    Research has shown that the online shopping market is still on the rise and your business can grow with the market.

    Customers often research shops online before going to visit its location. Having a website can therefore encourage customers to visit your business. Picture your market stall and the items it sells. Your business may not be in an ideal location but your website can help promote your products and encourage people to source your stall on their next visit.

    25% of smartphone users review products online before purchase

    Another advantage of online business is that it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Your business opening hours may be restricted but if you have a website then this will be available at all times – this is great news when you consider that one quarter of smartphone users admit to using their mobile devices to view products before committing to a purchase.

    You may close on a Sunday but your website remains in operation seven days a week. Smartphones give users the ability to access the Internet whilst on the move so choosing to make a website can prove a shrewd choice.
    Having a business website will also help you to secure your brand online. This can be difficult in the offline market where competition between businesses is stronger and more obvious.

    Once you establish your brand online people will come to recognise it. Brand recognition is the key to business success and is almost impossible to generate without getting being online.

    How to go online

    You can make a website quickly and easily these days and there are many websites that provide manuals and advice on how to do so. However, using a good online website builder is much cheaper than employing a designer and give you greater control over the design process.

    Designing and making your own website helps because you learn skills that are required when it comes to updating your site. There are many free website templates and tools which can be used so you don’t need to worry about learning HTML coding either.

    If you don’t have any experience building websites then there are many companies which provide online tutorials that guide you through the process. These ensure you know how to create your own website and give you the skills needed to expand your business’ potential.


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