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26th April 2019

Camden Council must think again on the threat to the Netherwood Day Centre

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • I WISH to add my voice to those expressing alarm that Camden is again threatening to close the Netherwood Day Centre (Dementia centre campaign is taken to the streets, January 26).

    My dad suffers from acute dementia. 

    So I have been exposed to the inadequacy of support services for those with the condition and families in need of some respite.

    Given the increasing prevalence of dementia and the aging population it’s clear we will need more specialist dementia services in Camden, not less. So I’m astonished the council is proposing to close Netherwood, which I know to be a high-quality, well-designed, facility. 

    I urge an urgent rethink from the council. While they are at it, can I also encourage them to learn more about an excellent initiative to support those with dementia, pursued by Liberal Democrat-led Sutton council? Sutton are part-funding “Admiral nurses”, who develop specialist skills in caring for dementia patients and their families, thus allowing more people to stay in their homes for longer. 

    While I am only too aware that we need a national solution to the social care funding crisis, and I appreciate the intolerable pressures that local councils are under in meeting increased demand for dementia services, Camden Council could and should do better than this. 

    Camden Liberal Democrats



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