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27th February 2017

Starmer’s motion on the EU exit plan was a dubious victory

    Published: 5 January, 2017

    • IN your article concerning Tulip Siddiq MP (Defiant Tulip votes against Brexit timetable, December 15) you also imply that Keir Starmer, MP is representing his constituents (75 per cent to 25 per cent against Brexit) by voting with the government for the triggering of Article 50 in accordance with the Tories’ timetable! 

    His motion calling for the government to publish their exit plan was a dubious victory and an easy concession for the government to give. The concession was granted to see off a back-bench Tory revolt rather than effective opposition. So it was an easy give-away, as there was no definition of what the published “plan” might include. One could argue Starmer’s motion gave the government a victory as it enabled them to bring disaffected Tories back in line!

    Parliamentary Candidate Liberal Democrats


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