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26th April 2019

There are no morons behind the wheels of cars… are there?

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • IT is always encouraging to read correspondence from people with such clarity of vision and appreciation of the bigger picture (Jill Dobbs, John Stratton, John Nicholson and Ray Ward (Letters, January 26).

    I could not agree more with their view of Sgt Nick Clarke’s policy. 

    Like all public services, the police are under considerable pressure, and it makes absolute sense that they should direct their limited resources to booking cyclists who ride on the pavement, rather than (for example) motorists who simply want to have a good old chin wag with a mate on their mobile while driving along – what is the harm in that?  

    Let’s face it, even if a motorist on occasions bumps off a cyclist, they are doing the rest of us a favour, getting rid of all those yobs and louts who have the audacity to go through a red light, thereby putting everyone’s lives at risk. I realise, of course, that a car is a massively bigger chunk of metal propelled forward at incredible speeds by just by a feather-light touch on an accelerator – but at least there are no morons behind the wheel!

    And all that stuff and nonsense about reducing car use and saving the planet. I am sure there must be figures somewhere that show that hundreds of people are killed, or at least seriously maimed, each year by aberrant cyclists rising on the pavement. 

    I mean, there must be! They so nearly collide with me so often. Cars stick to the roads and therefore make our world a much safer place. Well, I suppose there was the case of a car crashing into a café as also reported in your last edition (Woman trapped as car hits cafe, January 26). But no one was killed or even seriously injured, proving just how safe cars are and, ergo, how cyclists riding on the pavement are so dangerous.

    So come on Sgt Clarke, put an end to your visionary, innovative and ground-breaking policies worthy of a truly enlightened member of our public service:

    Get back to traditional values and book the b***ers!




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