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26th April 2019

Time to protest at the latest moves on 100 Avenue Road plans

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • IN a shocking failure of democracy and utter incompetence, since January 10, Camden have failed to comply with their obligations to email residents and businesses with planning “e-alerts”.

    Yet during this critical period, off-shore property development company Essential Living (Swiss Cottage) Ltd have applied to discharge “Condition 31” which would allow them to demolish the building at 100 Avenue Road and construct their 24-storey build-to-rent tower block directly above Swiss Cottage tube station.

    Finally the company has submitted foundation plans and is awaiting approval from London Underground, building control, and the highways authority. As to whether these plans are sufficiently detailed or thorough enough at this stage only an expert can tell. 

    It already appears, however, that a good number of essential construction methods and design appraisals are still very much pending.

    Camden Council could yet take measures that would restore public trust and transparency.

    – This application, number 2016/6699/P must be reregistered and sent, per Camden’s obligations, to all those registered for planning e-alerts.

    – Because of new proposals including the closure of the market and tube entrances, this application is a “variation”, therefore must be made a public consultation. 

    – The council must obtain and publish an independent assessment/ report of the final, detailed foundation plans for 100 Avenue Road, from a trustworthy, independent, external civil engineering company.

    This would not only restore democracy but also, more crucially, ensure the safety of Swiss Cottage tube users, nearby pedestrians, and residents of the yet-to-be-built tower. 

    Please send in these requests and your comments ASAP (current deadline is February 7) to: Michael Cassidy and planning@ Ref: Application No 2016/6699/P.

    Save Swiss Cottage



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