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23rd February 2017

The borough needs an efficient recycling collection and disposal system

    Published: 22 December, 2016

    • LIKE many Camden residents I am signed up to receive an email each week from Camden Recycling Rewards Team asking me to report all my recycling “efforts”. 

    These will give points to some charity and make me feel better. I could make anything up in these reports and no one would know whether I did or didn’t do what I claim to have done. 

    I live in a block of flats with three bins outside for me to sort waste into glass, plastic/tins etc, and paper. All three bins are emptied into one vehicle at irregular intervals.

    Meanwhile the largest, and heaviest weekly waste from my flat is kitchen waste. After many requests and enquiries I finally found a kitchen waste bin on an estate a quarter of a mile away. I make the journey two or three times a week because it is important to me. But most people don’t bother and dump all their waste food in the household landfill bin.  

    Why can’t Camden provide an efficient recycling collection and disposal system for all Camden waste producers instead of spending money on reward cards and visits to residents?

    Belsize Park, NW3


    I'm also from Belsize Park

    I'm also from Belsize Park and have a kitchen waste caddy, you can request them from the website. And my recycling bins are mixed. But I agree that the system has issues and I'd rather they came up with an actual rewards scheme or just scrapped it. I haven't sent anything to landfill in nearly a year (I recycle and compost everything) but it looks almost impossible to win any of the monthly prizes. The leaderboard are thousands of points ahead and the names don't change. Are they all council staff?

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