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26th April 2019

WATCH: Don aiming to set a new world record for two-finger push-ups

    Nuwan Pingamage Don

    Nuwan Pingamage Don will make his world record attempt at Bannatyne Health Club, in Russell Square, on Tuesday

    Published: 25 January, 2017

    PERSONAL trainer Nuwan Pingamage Don has set his sights on a new world record by completing as many two-finger, one-handed push-ups as he can within a minute.

    The record is currently held by Egyptian Mohammed Mohammed Ali Zeinhom, who completed 46 push-ups in 49 seconds, back in March, 2010.

    At Bannatyne Health Club in Russell Square on Tuesday, Don, 40, made his third attempt in front of witnesses, who were all armed with video recorders and stopwatches. He'll now send off the footage to The Guinness Book of Records and await to find out if his latest attempt was a success.

    “I'm trying to achieve something special," he said. "Getting the record would be the best thing I've ever achieved in my life - knowing that, for a moment, I was the best at something and on top of the world.”


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