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23rd April 2019

Public-police respect cuts both ways!

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    Sergeant Nick Clarke

    Sergeant Nick Clarke

    Published: 26 January, 2017

    • IT’S one of the most depressing things about living in London in recent years, for those of us who like to walk: meeting cyclists almost anywhere in pedestrianised space! 

    So I’m a bit surprised Camden police are doing anything about people cycling on the footpath (New Journal, January 19). For all the walking friends and I do, we rarely see any police officer in London do anything about this growing problem. 

    But why oh why oh why, is no politician seeing this? And more to the point doing something about it! 

    As for Sergeant Nick Clarke, disparagingly, saying some people might want to “bang a big drum” about the decision not to impose a fine, well yes he will find this matters to a lot of ordinary people. 

    Public-police respect cuts both ways.




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