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26th April 2019

Cyclists don’t just come out in the good weather

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • CYCLISTS only come out when it’s sunny? (Jonny Bucknell’s letter, January 26).

    On the contrary, the cycle counters on Royal College Street and Pancras Road tell a very different tale. On Royal College Street, on most weekdays from September 2016 to January 2017 the total number of cycle journeys exceeded 2,000 and never fell below 1,500. That’s about 1,000 people a day not taking up a tube seat, driving a car to work and back, or the equivalent of 15 full buses. 

    On January 9 (the day of the tube strike) 2,607 cycle trips were recorded. The counter on Pancras Road shows only slightly fewer trips.

    During the recent cold spell the numbers of trips did not decline much. Yes, in cold weather about 15 per cent fewer trips are made, but the majority of cyclists are not deterred. And Camden is well aware of the need to keep the cycle tracks safe by ensuring that they are gritted whenever there is a risk of snow and ice. 

    The monthly totals of cycle trips on Royal College Street rose steadily month by month in 2016, from January (about 40,000) to November (almost 50,000), showing that good infrastructure is encouraging more people to cycle to work. 

    Camden Cyclists’ website ( shows the daily totals recorded on Royal College Street and Pancras Road and as part of Camden’s open data you can see the number of trips hour by hour. Check the facts.

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