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26th April 2019

I write as a survivor of the group of Labour MPs who defied a three-line whip on Europe in 1971

    Published: 2 February, 2017

    • LIKE other party members in Camden, I have received a letter from Jeremy Corbyn setting out Labour’s current policy towards Brexit. 

    This has high relevance to both our local MPs and I have copied them into my reply: Dear Jeremy, Thank you for your letter, which sets out in very reasonable terms the case for the action which you are urging on Labour MPs. This is all very well, but what happens if the Labour amendments are not successful, and we end up with an agreement – or no agreement at all – which is patently inferior to the status quo? Surely the party must insist on a further referendum (preferably including 16- and 17-year-olds), with the alternative being to remain in the EU That really would produce “the democratic result which we would have to accept.

    I write as a survivor of the group of 69 Labour MPs who voted in favour of EEC entry in 1971. We defied a three-line whip, which was imposed with disastrous consequences. I fear that the consequences would be no better this time and would urge you to reconsider.




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