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19th May 2019

Vacancy at Camden New Journal: Reporter

    Published: 9 January, 2016

    THE Camden New Journal is looking to hire a full-time reporter.
    Applicants should have a working knowledge of our readership areas, a good appreciation of current affairs, online skills, and a strong news sense. We are looking for a reporter able to cover a wide range of events, who has good off-diary story ideas and a clean, precise writing style. We would welcome applications from candidates with an appreciation of the newspaper's independent set-up, campaigning history and link with the community. 
    The position will be based at our offices in Camden Town with some evening and occasional weekend work.
    We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible, so no application deadline applies - although we appreciate some candidates will need to work out notice periods if successful.
    If interested, please send CV, covering letter and examples of past work to Richard Osley at at first available opportunity. Mark emails 'reporter vacancy' in the subject field. If you have recently applied for a reporting job at the newspaper, we have your application and it will be considered in this round. There is no need to send in a further application.



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