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10th December 2018

Parts of the canal towpath resemble a scene from Teletubbyland

    Published: 26 January, 2017

    • COUNCILLOR Theo Blackwell has stated in his January 19 letter that the “canal has been transformed” thanks to the King’s Cross development.

    There is little doubt that the Regent’s Canal’s environs have changed beyond recognition, but I prefer to use the word “hijacked”.

    I’m afraid that parts of the towpath now resemble a scene from Teletubbyland rather than an industrial heritage corridor. The arrival of overpowering modern buildings has made it feel claustrophobic and sterile.

    Many opportunities to revive the canal during these major construction projects have been squandered in favour of saturating our narrow streets with HGVs. 

    So in effect the canal has been killed off and turned into a minor water feature to help sell unaffordable flats.

    Sometimes I wonder whether regeneration is just a euphemism for social cleansing?

    Monsell Road, N4


    Canalside over development

    There urgently needs to be rules and a strategy about canal use and canalside development to protect the little that's left of its legacy and preserve a community asset which should be seen as a park.

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