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23rd April 2019

Broadband: Can you imagine life without it?

    ADMIT it - you’d be lost without the internet. It’s hard to concede, but in today’s digital world you’d struggle through the day without access to the WWW (do people even say that anymore?). Most businesses rely on the net with emailing a standard part of day-to-day operations and corporate websites introducing clients and customers to the brand. In terms of a private life, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dominate in terms of birthday reminders, catching up on what old friends are doing and organising events. Now, the idea of calling a telephone that’s sitting stationary in a person’s home or recording important events on a wall calendar seem archaic.


    Life with broadband is convenient, fast and easy. And that’s how we like it. But, can you imagine what life would be like without it? How would you find your way from A to B, let everyone know what you’re doing, check the weather, book flights for your holiday or Skype friends around the world? Well, to give you an idea, the infographic below (created in conjunction with Virgin Media) shows you a world where it no longer exists – and how sad it looks. 



    I think the life without

    I think the life without internet is harder as it is the cheapest way of communication and it helps people to connect with each other.

    Increasing trivia

    The Net generates its own increase in production of trivia. Virgin & co want us to see ourselves as dependent on their services and to see the past as impoverished because these things didn't exist then; a level of shallowness to be expected from moronic advertising.


    All these things give me nostalgia for a time when we all went out more, socialised more, dropped in to tea more, and had more fun together
    My life stress started in a small degree with the 4th TV channel and increased with every subsequent technology advance..

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