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27th February 2017

In estate-agent speak the area could be Holbloomswell to avoid confusion

    Published: 5 January, 2017

    • I HAVE noticed that certain estate agents call Holborn Bloomsbury when it is not; and they have even called Lamb’s Conduit Street Bloomsbury, which is Holborn.

    I think the reason that the men in suits selling houses prefer to call Holborn anything but Holborn (let’s gloss over the shapeless “mid-town”) is because Clerkenwell has retained its homes in old warehouses status.

    People like the idea that it’s hip and the suits can sell the open-plan dreams to the toffs who want to feel like Andy Warhol in his Factory while stroking MacBooks and lapping up flat whites. 

    A sense of progress can be sold… old and new, don’t ya know!

    Bloomsbury has a very fine history of writers, poets and layabouts which will always keep the buyers interested… everyone’s an artist, don’t ya know!

    The real Holborn is sturdy. 

    It remains. 

    It doesn’t suffer fools and hipsters. A place where change is something to think about.

    That is harder to sell, don’t ya know!

    If I was working for the estate drones in these areas I would call the above mentioned: Holbloomswell.



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