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26th April 2019

Bishop of London blesses school's building work

    The Bishop of London at Holy Trinity and St Silas

    Published: 19 January, 2017

    The Bishop of London has made a rare trip to a Camden Town school to give his blessing to recently completed building work. 

    The Right Rev Richard Chartres visited Holy Trinity and St Silas, which has undergone an extensive overhaul in the past two years, on Wednesday of last week. 

    Father Graeme Rowlands, chair of school governors, said that, although the work is not fully completed, the Bishop was keen to bless the school before he retires next month. 

    The work was funded in part by the Diocese of London, with an additional £50,000 raised by parents, including £37,000 from a charity auction. 

    Father Rowlands praised the “remarkable” level of continuity at the school, with many staff members having served for decades. “That level of support and continuity is really valuable because it creates security and confidence for the children, a lot of whom are from deprived backgrounds,” he said. 

    Headteacher Lorraine Dolan, who joined the school in 1996 as a newly-qualified teacher, said: “The visit of the Bishop of London was a momentous occasion for the school. His stature, invigorating character and humility were truly inspirational. While it was the school building he came to bless, he left an indelible mark on us all, both adults and children alike."



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