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23rd April 2019

Why should law breakers get away with it?

    Published: 26 January, 2017

    • I WAS appalled reading your report about letting pavement cyclists off the hook. 

    The cycling lobby already has far too much influence in London and half the roads seem to be carved up at vast expense to accommodate them. 

    The late unlamented Mayor of London Boris Johnson did all he could to promote cycling but never a word about consideration for other road users, nor about observing the law, in particular pavement cycling, red-light running and no lights after dark. 

    All three offences can be observed almost any time by Sergeant Nick Clarke if he cares to go to Camden High Street or Hampstead High Street or Haverstock Hill. 

    It is rubbish to say that they only ride on pavements because the roads are dangerous. 

    Most of the offenders I have seen are of the yobbo or dubious type who do it just to be bloody-minded and ignore any remonstration or comment apart from foul abuse. 

    Why should these morons get away with it?

    Thurlow Road, NW3 


    Totally unfounded

    In fact, there are very few roads in Camden that have specific cycling facilities, particularly around the area that Mr Stratton writes from.
    If the "cycling lobby" did have far too much influence then I would probably notice that cycling my children to school would not expose us to the pollution, traffic-jams and aggression that are continually inflicted on us by the massively over-represented "car lobby" which Mr Stratton undoubtably belongs to.

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