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26th April 2019

Is 24-storey flats development the future for Swiss Cottage?

    Swiss Cottage flats

    Published: 12 June, 2015

    THIS image shows how the fountain and open space area at Swiss Cottage will look unless sanity is restored (the eyes were added!).

    Essential Living Swiss Cottage Ltd, a privately-owned developer based in the Channel Islands and funded by American money, is intent on building three massive blocks at Swiss Cottage, with 184 flats, almost all for private rent on short leases. 

    One block will be 270feet (90 metres) high: five times as high as the current building, with 24 storeys; the other two blocks five and seven storeys high, roughly twice as high as the existing building. 

    As many as 500 people will come to live in these flats, on short leases perhaps only three years.

    This over-development will close the open space for three years during building and destroy its openness for ever; and the 500 residents will put yet more demand on all local services, and provide nothing for the local community except more noise, traffic and disruption.

    Unbelievably Camden Council’s planning team recommended this scheme for acceptance, but our councillors, prompted by over 3,500 signatures from local people against the plans as well as their own knowledge of this area and the local community, voted this over-development down last September. But in January the developer appealed and it is now due to be decided by the secretary of state, once the Planning Inspectorate has heard the arguments. 

    And we intend to tell them why their plans are utterly wrong.

    But to fight them, and their expensive lawyers, the Save Swiss Cottage Action Group must raise at least £85,000 to pay for legal representation and expert advice on all the problems this over-development will cause. 

    Can you help? 

    All donations, no matter how small, will be welcome, £5 or £5,000, and you can do this in several ways: 

    • in person: at NatWest, Swiss Cottage Branch, 106 Finchley Road, NW3 5JN;

    • by cheque (payable to Save Swiss Cottage Action Group), in branch or c/o The Treasurer, David Reed, Flat 2, 56 Eton Avenue, NW3 3HN;

    • by direct bank transfer, NatWest, sort code 51-50-10, account number 66231248.

    The appeal will be held in July, but we need to get things moving Immediately! Please help, it is the future of your community and its amenities which are under threat.

    David Reed is the treasurer of Save Swiss Cottage Action Group.